Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY 4 Life!

So I started this blog to share my recipes. And I love doing that. And I will continue to do that... Here's the thing. I haven't been completely honest with you. Cooking isn't my only passion. Actually currently it's not even my #1 passion! I have been crazy obsessed with...
Upcycling furniture! I've thought about starting another blog to share my DIY projects, but I decided that was a huge hassle and I would just expand this blog to be more than a recipe blog. If you are totally not into the DIY thing and just wanna stick around for the food that's totally cool- I'm still cookin! I'm just going to share more about my random life too. Like those gorgeous chevron side tables I did up there ^^ Here's a better picture: 
And my mom's coffee table I did...
And my bar stools I painted...
And all of these other projects...
My gallery wall in my living room!
A beautiful frame I found for $5 at Goodwill and re-did!
Our Pub style kitchen table I bought off Craigslist for $50 and painted!
Candlesticks painted to match
.99 goodwill frame made chalkboard!
More chalkboards!
Glittered chargers!
Anyways you get the point. I like to paint stuff. And I'm going to start sharing it with you! Maybe other random stuff too. Who knows? I'm just not going to limit myself anymore! So stay tuned... :-)

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