Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sweet Little Bar Cart Facelift

What I'm Working on Wednesday :) Technically, this is a What I've Worked on Wednesday because I finished this bar cart about 2 weeks ago, but I'm still catching up! This sweet little bar cart is probably my favorite project I've worked on thus far in 2013. You see, ever since I saw this blog post last year: I have been on the hunt for a cart of my own. I looked high and low, but didn't come across much. Then I was browsing a Goodwill store out at the beach one day when I spotted this little cart hiding in the corner!
She was a little dirty and missing the piece of glass in the bottom of the cart but I knew  I could save her! $11 later she was packed up in the back of my car and I was headed home giddy as can be over my new buy! Luckily for me I have a bunch of different sized glass pieces I've collected from past projects and I had one that slid perfectly into the bottom of the cart. I used some all purpose cleaner on a microfiber towel to clean the cart all over. Next up was a fresh coat of paint. My house is decorated in a beachy cottage style feel so I opted for a beachy blue color! Lately I've been OBSESSED with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for about a million different reasons , the main one being it's ease and versatility. You see chalk paint is different than traditional paint because it's not oil based or water based, it's chalk based and therefore adheres very easily to pretty much any surface. No priming or sanding needed, just wipe down your piece and paint. I've used Chalk Paint on several different wood based projects with great success and even painted a couple of mason jars that came out beautifully but had yet to use it on a metal piece like this cart. Typically I would go the spray paint route, start with an even layer of primer (my fave being Kilz) let that dry and then another 2 layers of my color of choice and maybe finish with a coat of poly or wax, but I decided to try my magic Chalk Paint this time. I chose the color "Duck Egg Blue" loaded up my fave paint brush (Purdy) and got to painting. The paint adhered fabulously and after 2 even coats I was over the moon with the results!
You like?! It reminds of something Don Draper would have at his beach house. That idea makes me happy. Here's a side by side so you can get the whole reveal:
Whadda ya think? I loveeeeeeeeeeeee it. 

If you wanna check out Annie Sloan chalk paint just check out their website: you can find a retailer near you and discover the magic! Just make sure it's actually near you and you don't end up driving an hour and half on accident like I did. That's a story for another day. 

HAVE A GREAT WEEK! I'm headed out thrifting now :)

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