Friday, July 6, 2012

3 ingredient Mac & cheese!

Back in the day I worked a stint at Outback Steakhouse. While my employment there was short and sweet (hostessing at a restaurant was not my 18 year old dream gig) I did take a few things away from that job, this recipe being one of them. You may have never had the Mac and cheese at outback - you may have never even seen it on the menu, that's because it's on the children's menu. It's a conspiracy I tell you, they're keeping the good stuff from us adults! No matter, when I asked one of the line cooks for the recipe one day he giggled (seriously, full grown man giggle) and told me it was simply Velveeta & heavy cream. Seriously? Awesome. Went home that night and made it for my very excited family (we're all outback Mac enthusiasts) to rave reviews. To this day my dad makes it on a regular basis, and ever since I began this blog he and my brothers have been asking when it would make an appearance. So today's the day... Here's your worlds- easiest restaurant recipe. 

Mac and cheese is obviously a side dish (unless you're just eating Mac for dinner, hey no judgment here) but I've been known to add some crumbled, drained ground beef to make it a meal. Who doesn't love hamburger Mac when you need some serious comfort food? Any way you decide to make it-- enjoy :-)

8 oz cooked and drained penne pasta (about half a box) 
1/2 c to 3/4 c heavy whipping cream (depending on how creamy you like your Mac!) 
12 oz velveeta 
Ignore the background stuff, this was moving week- stuff was EVERYWHERE!

Step 1: cube the velveeta and toss into a sauce pan on medium high heat. 

Pour cream over velveeta and cook until cheese is melted, stirring frequently. 

Step 2: pour cheese sauce over pasta, stir to combine and serve!
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  1. Brittany UR Awesome!! This sounds soooooooo eay, I will try it and let you know!! Take care!

    Love, Uncle Brian

    1. Thanks Uncle Brian it is so easy! And delicious:-) Let me know how it comes out for you!

  2. We LOVE the Outback Mac! We learned about it early on and my girls ages 11&14 to this day still order it with a grilled chicken breast on top! It's like $2 extra and a HUGE meal! Can't wait to try it here at home!, the kids will be stoked! Thanks for the secret recipe!!!

    1. Ooh another outback Mac fan I love it! It's seriously the easiest side dish ever. And I never thought to add chicken on top! I'm totally doing that next time I get takeaway!