Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Fruity Jell-o Shots :)

This recipe was super fun. I've been seeing all the crazy creative pinterest-ers posting pictures of jello shots made inside of pieces of fruit and immediately knew I would be attempting this. First of all, I love jell-o shots. Yummy jell-o plus vodka? That's right up my alley. Plus, you don't use those annoying little plastic cups where you have to swirl your finger around to loosen the jell-o and then your fingers all sticky and nasty. Yuck. Although, as a side reference, if you MUST use those darned plastic cups- spray them with some non-stick spray before you pour the jell-o mixture in and the shot will slide right out :). ANYWAYS, this is so fun. Mine didn't come out as gorgeous as some of the others I've seen via Pinterest, but whatevs I'm not a professional food stylist and they tasted freaking fantastic. 
Bring some of these to your next event and your friends will be so impressed, seriously, they will think that you're so very clever. Mix it up and use limes, lemons, whatever little round fruits that you can hollow out will work fantastic. My next round will be made with grapefruits :)
4-5 Oranges (or fruit of choice)
6 oz. Jell-o of flavor choice (I used orange)
2 C. Boiling water
1 1/2 C. Vodka (I used orange vodka, any flavor or plain will work)
1/3 C. Cold water

Step 1: Wash the fruit and halve. 
Step 2: Hollow out the fruit. I used a spoon- you could probably accomplish this a bit easier by scoring the inside of the pith with a sharp knife and then scoop out the insides, HOWEVER I do not trust myself with fruit juice soaked hands handling a sharp knife so I stuck to a blunt object. That's just me.
 Step 3: Pour jell-o into heat proof pitcher. Pour in 2 cups boiling water and whisk together until jell-o is dissolved. Add cold water and vodka and whisk together to combine.
Cabo Wabo pitcher always, for Thirsty Thursdays!
 Step 4: Pour jell-o mixture into fruit halves and refrigerate. Mine took about 2 hours to completely set.
 Step 5: Flip fruit upside and cut into wedges. Serve! Enjoy!

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