Saturday, July 14, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Popsicles!

I'm not going to insult any of you by saying that today's post is a recipe- it's really not, it's more of a revelation. I spotted this idea on Pinterest and immediately thought- seriously? So easy. Gotta do it. It was crazy easy. And the results came out crazy tasty, and only 80 calories :-). I can't promise you that yours will only be 80 calories- that will be based on the kind of yogurt you use of course, but there really aren't that many high calorie yogurts and the flavor options here are really endless. I used strawberry-banana because that's what I had, and it's my fave, but next round I'm going to use Key Lime Pie flavored yogurt :-) This is so refreshing on a hot day, and it really makes a sizable popsicle! 
I'm really just going to give you some turn-by-turn directions here. I got my yogurt out of the fridge, popped a popsicle stick in the top (bought mine at Michael's), froze it (can't be exact on how long this takes because I let mine sit overnight, but I would give it at least a couple of hours to freeze), pulled it out of the freezer, I cut off the plastic container part with a pair of scissors, because it was like really frozen and I wanted to eat it ASAP, and then I ate it. Simple, simple, simple. And freaking delicious. And low-cal. UMMM, yeah. Do this, NOW. I know you've got some yogurt in your fridge! :-)

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