Friday, September 14, 2012

A Day in Paleo-Land {So What CAN You Eat?}

Soooooo since "going paleo" I keep getting the same question again and again. "You don't eat grains, wheat, dairy, legumes, processed foods, or sugars. What DO you eat?" I actually eat a lot of really good stuff so I thought I would go over a typical day of eating for me and add in a couple of ideas if you're considering trying the paleo lifestyle :) If you are even an iota interested (and you really, really should be!) I HIGHLY recommend reading Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution" (link at the bottom of this post!). Yeah, I've said this on like every single post for the past 2 weeks and I will continue saying it, it's THE paleo book. Just is. Sure, you can start eating paleo and implementing it into your daily life without reading the book but at some point people are going to start asking you WHY you are doing this. And sure you can say you feel way better yada yada yada, but having the scientific reasons behind it will really make you stick to it (as well as really freak you about bread and gluten in general). So just read the book. You can buy it for like $9 on your kindle (I read it on my kindle app on my iPad and then I went and bought the hard copy so I could pass it along to family members). Okay ONWARD:

Breakfast: This was my actual breakfast from this morning and it's a very typical breakfast for me:
2 Eggs, Scrambled w/ salt & pepper
Sweet Potato Hash Browns! (use raw honey instead of brown sugar, I'm obsessed)
Slices of avocado
Some other great breakfast options:
Frittata w/ chicken sausage
Sweet Potato Hash Browns (again, I eat these almost daily I'm really obsessed)
1 Banana
Don't like eggs? Try:
Fluffy Paleo Pancakes! 
Mango- Banana Smoothie! 
2 Ingredient Banana "Pancakes" 

Lunch: This was my actual lunch last week @ Mellow Mushroom:
Spinach salad greens w/ jerk chicken & tomatoes (IT WAS SO GOOD!)
 & PS: that's my brother's calzone in the background, NOT paleo.
I usually do a salad with grilled chicken for lunch. Or scrambled eggs again. I really like scrambled eggs. Salad is the easiest thing to do when you're eating out, just order it with no croutons and no cheese and you're awesome.

Dinner: This was my mom & I's dinner the other night, this fed us for like 2 days so don't think we ate ALL of this in one sitting :)
Grilled chicken & Grilled zucchini
I usually just try to center my dinners around protein (chicken, beef, pork, seafood, etc.) and veggies. I love grilled veggies and it makes it super easy just to throw everything on the grill. ALSO as a side note we had a curry chicken salad that was 100% paleo from Whole Foods the other night and it was freaking awesome. I will be trying to replicate that on here, ASAP.

SNACKS: I love snacks. Justin's nut butters makes these crazy fabulous little squeezey packets and I like to squeeze them on fruit for a snack, it is SO GOOD.
Maple Almond Butter w/ Apple Slices!
Chocolate Hazelnut Butter w/ Banana Slices!
When I'm in a snacking mood I look for fruit, typically. Because I really like fruit. But nuts are a great choice, avocado (nom nom nom), cucumber slices, sliced marinated tomatoes, etc. 

The point is, really, just to eat real food. No processed, yucky, fake stuff. REAL food, that you can identify it's point of origin. It will blow-yo-mind how much better you will feel. Real food, seems like an easy concept right? Read the book. And have a great weekend! And GO JAGS! (look for me at the game on Sunday!) And GO NOLES! :-D



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