Monday, September 10, 2012

Almond Milk over Coffee Ice Cubes {AKA Heaven}!

Happy Monday! I am bouncing in my seat as I write this, partly because of the caffeine in aforementioned coffee drink & partly because I have Sugarland on Pandora right now ("I'm stuck on you wah-oh stuck like glue You & me baby we're stuck like glue!"- TRY not to dance to this song). Anyways, this isn't really a recipe so much as a freaking phenomenal idea. I saw it on Pinterest and I knew immediately it would be in my glass, ASAP. I have tried to find the original source of this brilliance, but was lead only to dead ends. This is NOT my original idea- I totally stole it from whoever pinned it originally and I would love to give them credit I just don't know who they are. So if you do, leeme know! 
Basically, as the title suggests, I took the coffee left in the pot at the end of the afternoon, poured it into an ice cube tray, let em freeze, filled a glass with coffee cubes, filled the glass with almond milk, gave it a stir, and I was SO HAPPY. You see, I do love coffee, but I've really been on a tea kick lately. Ummm, not anymore. The coffee cubes melt into the almond milk and make this creamy, delicious, perfect little beverage. I am buying a butt-load of ice cube trays, filling them all with coffee, and drinking iced coffee like this every. single. day. It's better (and WAY cheaper) than the iced coffee drink I typically get at Starbuck's and it's probably wayyyyyyyy lower on the calories/sugar chart. The PERFECT afternoon pick-me-up or early morning treat. You need this. You really do. :-) 

I've spoken before on my choice of almond milk- I don't drink dairy milk and try to avoid the majority of dairy products period. I miss ice cream, but when I had it last week it wreaked havoc on my tummy. So almond milk is my choice, and the vanilla flavor I used here tastes like a milkshake to me :-D A healthy milkshake. Can't beat that. You're welcome to use dairy milk if you so desire, but I do recommend you try almond milk or coconut milk too :) I don't really think I need to spell this "recipe" out in actual step-by-step directions (my readers are SMART yo) so I'll just show you the pictures... 
Coffee in ice cube tray, ready to be tasty cubes!
Frozen coffee cubes!
Thank you sir, may I have another? (Oh and my Jag teal nails:))



  1. Once in awhile I will put creamer in my Chai or Cinnamon tea. I may try it with tea ice cubes too. Thanks.

    1. Mmm, creamer in Chai tea sounds crazy good :-) Thanks for stopping by Susie!

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