Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Electric Lemonade!

Happy Thirsty Thursday everyone! I apologize for being away from the blog for a week, it has been an insane couple of weeks. I was in Illinois all last weekend with family and when I got home it was to a new home because my mom had moved over the weekend. New home= no internet. :( Thankfully, our lovely Comcast man came yesterday and hooked us up and I'm back to the blog world. Wahoo! 

I hope everyone had a fabuuuuulous 4th of July- we had some really good fireworks in our area & today's recipe would have been peeeeerfect! Last week (or was it the week before? I'm so turned around these days..) I posted the frozen margarita recipe ( ) and it went over so well I decided every Thursday will be a drink recipe! Thirsty Thursday! I do consider myself quite the mixologist, so I'm pretty excited to share today's concoction. It is such a pretty summer drink- it's bright blue! And it tastes fantastic. The perfect drink to sip by the pool, beach, lake, or whatever body of water you may find yourself near. I've written the recipe to make a pitcher of drinks, but if you'd like to make just one serving, simply stir together 1 shot citrus vodka, 1 shot blue curacao, 1 1/2 shots sour mix, and a can of sprite.Easy :-)

1 Cup Citrus Vodka 
1 Cup Blue Curacao
1 1/2 Cup Sour Mix
3 Cups 7-up (I used diet, but use whatever you have!)

Step 1: Pour vodka, curacao, sour mix, and 7-up into a pitcher and stir until combined.

Step 2: Pour in a glass over ice and garnish with a lemon slice and maraschino cherry (obviously not necessary, but recommended- it looks so pretty!) 
PS: That's the coffee table I painted for my momma, how adorbs does it look?!
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