Thursday, June 21, 2012

The best, easiest, frozen Margaritas :-)

So today marks a new day in our relationship, I usually bring you a recipe that will fill your tummy- today I bring you a recipe that will fill your blender with happiness. I love margaritas. LOVE. However, there is a science to making a margarita. A perfect lime to tequila ratio that should not be skewed. I love a margarita on the rocks, but if I'm making them for a crowd in the summertime I always make a frozen batch. They are perfect on a hot summer day. Or any day really. Oh, and this beauty that has been my tried & True recipe for years has only 2 ingredients. 3 if you count the ice. My mom told me last week that it's the best margarita she's ever had. Now I know that's my mother speaking so she's biased, but I've never had a single complaint- but plenty of requests for seconds.

Buyer beware: These puppies are STRONG. It may not taste strong but it is. So take it slowly (unless it's one of those nights where you really need a quick couple of margs, that's understandable just please don't drive afterwards!). And most of all: enjoy :):)

1 Can of frozen limeade
1 Can of quality tequila (the empty limeade can, filled with tequila- if you want a weaker drink do a half can. I used Patron for this batch, and that's what I recommend- but any tequila will do (I've used Cabo Wabo & Jose Cuervo with good results)--- very cheap tequila will not taste good though just a warning!)
A couple of cups of ice (Enough to fill the blender)

Step 1: Empty limeade can into blender. Fill empty can with tequila and pour into blender. Fill blender with ice. Blend until smooth. Drink. 
Blend, baby, blend!
Mmm, frozen, tequila goodness!
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