Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Easiest Hard Boiled Eggs... In the Oven.

Today I don't have a recipe for y'all as much as I have a technique. Of all the things I feel like I do well in the kitchen I will let you in on something I've always had trouble with, hard boiled eggs. Seriously. It seems like the most simple thing but you've got to boil them for so long, then rest them for so long, then chill them for so long? And I seem to never get the equation right. Seriously if you looked at my Pinterest board I have like 6 different hard boiled egg methods. Makes me feel pathetic, isn't this a basic technique? But then I found THE method I needed. Hard boiled eggs---- IN THE OVEN. Wait, what? Aren't hard boiled eggs supposed to be, ummm, boiled? But, whatever I was ready to try anything. So here's the tutorial I used:

So I'll give you the 411 quickly, because this is seriously quick, easy, and fool proof. Even I get perfectly cooked, hard- boiled eggs every time. Plus you can make a ton at one time, no need to fill a pot, just fill a couple muffin pans with eggs and you can make deviled eggs for the masses!

Step 1: Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees. Put the eggs in a muffin pan (or mini muffin pan if you have it) that way they all have their own little place and they can't roll around on you!

Step 2: Put the muffin pan with the eggs in the oven, set a timer for 30 minutes and walk away. Catch up on your DVR, call your mom, do your nails, take your pups for a walk, whatever you may do with a free 30 minutes- now's your time! 
Step 3: Fill a bowl with ice water and drop in the eggs in when they've finished their 30 minute cook time. Let them chill until they've cooled enough to peel, approximately 10 minutes? Peel those babies, and enjoy! Perfectly hard boiled eggs. Fool proof. Easy breeezy! 

You may notice in the above picture the eggs do come out with some little brown spots on the shell, disregard these the insides look perfect it's just from the heat of the oven! Also I was cooking these today specifically for deviled eggs so I'll throw in a little deviled egg tip while we're sharing egg tips. The easiest way to go from hard boiled egg to deviled egg heaven? Scoop out the yolks, throw them in a ziploc, mash them with whatever you add to your deviled egg mixture (I use mayo, mustard, salt & pepper), zip the top of the bag, cut a hole in a corner, pipe the mixture into the egg whites, and toss the bag when you're finished. Zero cleanup. Wahoo!

Side note: Those pictures didn't come out the greatest because I took them as an afterthought. Sorry. But you get the idea right? What kind of brizziliant methods do you use in the kitchen?


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    1. I actually blogged about this recipe for Poppa! I was telling him about this method the other day and decided I should put it out there for the rest of the world :) My fave way to make hard boiled eggs!

  2. Going to make these right now... I am trying to get fit and like to have snacks to just grab and go! These will work perfectly :)Thanks B!

    1. These sound like they will fit the bill perfectly for you Amber! Let me know how they come out :-)

  3. OMGOODNESS!!! Thank you thank you thank you...I struggle every time I go to make hard boiled eggs with "now how much time for this...and how much time for that???" Definitely love this idea!!

    1. It is seriously the BEST method! Totally fool-proof, and I would know ;)